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Use these steps to customize a Clickstream.

‚úÖ Plan Availability: Corporate, Essentials, Professional, Premium, and International
ūüĎ• User roles: Owner, Admins, Researchers, and Collaborators
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About customizing a Clickstream

Advanced options for Clickstreams allow you to customize how data is shown. Available options include:

  • Values:¬†Choose to show the data in percentages (continuous or base 100) or the number of participants.
  • Direction:¬†Determine the order in which URLs are shown (first to last or last to first).
  • Hide paths:¬†Decide if you would like to show all of the participants' paths or hide uncommon ones.



Advanced option: Values

These options allow you to choose how to show the numbers.

  • Percentage - Continuous
    • With this option, children of a parent node sum the percentage of the parent, and the parent in its turn sums (along with its siblings) the percentage of their parent.
    • For example:
      • After the Initial URL (100%), 80% of the participants visited URL A, while 20% visited URL B (80% + 20% = 100%).
      • Out of the 80% who visited URL A, 40% went on to visit URL C and 40% URL D (40% + 40% = 80%) and so on.
  • Percentage - Base 100
    • With this option, all children sum 100%, independently of the percentage of their parent in relation to its children.
    • For example:
      • After the Initial URL (100%), 80% of the participants visited URL A, while 20% URL B.
      • Out of all those who visited URL A (out of 100%), 50% went on to visit URL C and 50% URL D (50% + 50% = 100%) and so on.
  • Count: This option provides you with the number of participants that visited each URL.



Advanced option: Direction

These options allow you to choose the order URLs are shown.

  • Forward: Shows the URLs in the order that they were visited (Starting from the Initial URL).
  • Backward: Shows the URLs in reverse order (Finishing at the Initial URL).



Advanced option: Hide paths

These options allow you to choose to hide uncommon paths. Paths taken by less than 3% of the participants are hidden by default.

  • Unchecked: This shows the paths of all the participants.
  • Checked: Hide paths taken by less than or more than a certain percentage or number.

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