Hide domains in a Clickstream

Use these steps to hide domains in a Clickstream.

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Why hide domains in a Clickstream?

  • In addition to the website URL, our tracking may capture the URLs of resources loading in the background.
  • Some participants may multi-task while participating in a study.
  • They might, for example, check their email, log into social media sites, or browse another site.
  • Hiding irrelevant domains allows you to clean the data when completing your analysis.
  • If your study records Navigation Tasks, you can avoid recording things you don't need or want to see, see Choose domains or URLs to record in Navigation tasks.



Hide domains in a Clickstream

  1. Open the Logmanager.
  2. Scroll to Edit Log File.
  3. Click Hide Domains.
  4. Check the individual domains to hide.
  5. Click Done.


Pro Tip

Finding a multitude of irrelevant domains in the clickstream? Save some time using these steps:

  1. Open the Logmanager.
  2. Scroll to Edit Log File.
  3. Click Hide Domains.
  4. Click Select All.
  5. Uncheck the relevant domains.
  6. Click Done.

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