Choose information to show in a Clickstream

Use these steps to choose information to show in a Clickstream.

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  • UserZoom technology collects detailed events and information on participant behavior in Navigation tasks.
  • Clean the data and change how information is displayed in your Clickstream using the Logmanager.
  • You can select a different log file structure option at any time, but this clears all edits made in the Logmanager due to the log file being rebuilt.


To choose information to show in a Clickstream, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Logmanager.
  2. Under Edit Log File, select Log file structure.
  3. Choose what to show:
    • URL + JavaScript Function (default)
      • This option includes all JavaScript functions and URLs.
      • Most websites include JavaScript in their pages that generate events.
      • Use this option to include those events in your Clickstream.
    • URL only
      • Select this option if you are analyzing a simple website and do not need detailed information.
      • This simplifies the Clickstream.
    • Domains only
      • Simplify your Clickstream to analyze general patterns only.
      • This option eliminates all of the information after the domain or sub-domain.
    • Page Titles only
      • Select this option if the website or prototype you are analyzing has a descriptive Page Title.
      • You can create your Clickstreams based on that information only.
    • JavaScript Function only
      • This option only shows JavaScript functions.
      • If URLs are also important for your analysis, you may choose the URL + JavaScript Function option and hide the URLs that are not important to you.
    • URL + Page Titles
      • In some websites (For example, retail sites), the shopping process or other functionalities are built with iFrames or similar techniques.
      • The content changes but the URL remains the same.
      • To differentiate those pages in the Clickstream, it may be useful to include the Page Title at the end of the URL.
      • This option will only improve your data if Page Titles are different and descriptive.
    • URL + JavaScript Function + Page Titles
      • This option is only recommended if the other options are not providing the level of detail that you need.
    • HashTag + URL
      • Select this option if you are analyzing a website with detailed HashTag information.
      • This simplifies the Clickstream.
  4. Click Apply.

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