Time on Task for Navigation tasks

Use these steps to find the Time on Task for Navigation tasks.

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About Time on Task for Navigation tasks

  • For Navigation Tasks, the Time on Task starts when participants click Start Task and ends when they either click on Success/Abandon or until they get automatically intercepted and are sent to the next questionnaire.
  • If the task has an Intercept Delay enabled, the seconds of the delay are counted.
  • If participants navigate out of the prototype or site specified, the number of clicks and pages visited are captured and time on task continues to accumulate.
  • If an Intercept Questionnaire is used, the time spent on the questionnaire counts towards the task time.
  • In Advanced UX Research studies for Mobile Web and Mobile Apps, time on task is counted from when participants start the task until they complete it, including the time when they have the app minimized while completing the task.



Find the Time on Task for Navigation tasks

  1. Go to the Results section of your study.
  2. Select Ratios & Responses ratios_and_responses_button.jpg from the left menu.
  3. Under the Navigation task, click Success Rate & Efficiency.
  4. Scroll to the Time section where you can find both the chart and data with this information.
    Download one of these exports:

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