Manage Heatmaps for Navigation tasks

Use these steps to manage Heatmaps for Navigation tasks. Heatmaps show where participants clicked during a Navigation task in an Advanced UX Research for Desktop or Basic Usability Test for Desktop study. To manage heatmaps for Click Tests, see Analyze a Click Test.

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View a Heatmap

  1. Go to the Results section of your study.
  2. Select Click & Paths Clicks_and_paths_icon.png in the left menu.
  3. Choose a Navigation task navigation_task.jpg from the drop-down to view that Clickstream.
  4. Click a box in the Clickstream to view the heatmap. Disable your pop-up blocker if nothing opens.



Choose a custom click area

  1. Go to the Heatmap.
  2. Click and drag on the Heatmap to create a box around an area.
  3. Review the information box that appears for click data:
    • The number of participants who clicked in the defined area.
    • The number of participants who clicked in the defined area and were successful in the task.
    • The number of clicks in the defined area.
    • The number of clicks in the defined area that were first clicks.
  4. Click the X at the top right to close the area or repeat steps 2 and 3 to create a new area.



Customize a Heatmap

  1. Go to the Heatmap.
  2. Customize these settings:
    • Graph heatmap_graph.jpg
      • This setting allows you to change the look of the Heatmap.
      • You can choose:
        • Heat map (default) heat_map_button.jpg
        • Dark map dark_map_button.jpg
        • Click map click_map_button.jpg
    • Scope 
      • This setting allows you to filter clicks to display.
      • You can choose:
        • All clicks (default)
        • 1ˢᵗ click
        • 2ⁿᵈ click
        • 3ʳᵈ click
        • 4ᵗʰ click & more
    • Background:
      • URL - Loads the current live URL
      • Image - Shows the image/screenshot that you've selected
    • Page align:
      • Left
      • Center



Export a Heatmap

  1. Go to the Heatmap.
  2. Click Export heatmap_export_button.jpg.
  3. Choose a file format:
    • JPG
    • PNG
  4. Find the exported file in your normal download location.


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