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Learn about the UserZoom Video Player (Session Replay).

Plan Availability: All Plans
👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, Researchers, and Collaborators
For more information, see our article on how to find your plan and user role.


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About the Video Player (Session Replay)




In the sidebar on the right, find the below information. Information varies based on study type.

  • Study tab
    • Session:
      • Date
      • Time
      • Duration
      • Moderator (Moderated studies only)
      • Study ID
    • Participant:
      • Alias (Moderated studies only)
      • UZ_ID
    • Recruitment:
      • Segment
      • Method
    • Demographics
      • Location
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Household income
    •  Technology
      • Operating system
      • Screen resolution
      • Browser
      • Browser resolution
    • Screener
      • Screener questions
      • Participant answers
    • Task information
      • Task name
      • Task type
      • Time taken
      • Effectiveness
      • Task description
  • Transcript tab
    • View and manage transcripts.
    • Anyone can edit a line in the transcript.
    • Find an option to revert the transcript back to the original version.
    • Transcripts can be downloaded individually, multiple at a time, or all at once.
  • Notes tab
    • Create and edit notes taken during the session or while watching the video.
    • Notes can only be edited and deleted by their owner.
    • Download notes taken by clicking the Download Notes download_notes.jpg button.
    • Notes can be downloaded individually, multiple at a time, or all at once.
    • For Moderated studies, you can find the notes taken during the session and add new notes.
    • For Unmoderated studies, view and add notes taken while reviewing the video.
  • Clips tab




  • At the bottom of the Video Player window, you can see the total length of the video and where you are in the video.
  • The start of each task is indicated by a mark on the timeline.
  • In the timeline, you can:
    • Increase or decrease the video speed. Choose one of the following speeds:
      • 0.5
      • 0.75
      • 1 (Normal)
      • 1.25
      • 1.5
      • 1.75
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
    • Skip back five seconds back_five_seconds.jpg
    • Play or pause the video play_video.jpg
    • Skip ahead five seconds forward_five_seconds.jpg
    • Take notes take_notes_button.jpg
    • Create a clip create_a_clip_from_video_playback.jpg
    • Click anywhere on the timeline to go to a specific point in the video.
    • Adjust the audio volume.
    • View the video in full screen full_screen_video.jpg.


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