UserTesting Integration for Canva


At A Glance

UserTesting clips, videos, and highlight reels can be embedded and played in Canva designs, enabling enriched digital content. 


The UserTesting integration for Canva is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials  Startup 
Advanced  Professional 
Ultimate  Premium 

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How It Works

Canva is an online design tool used by startups, small businesses, and marketing teams for digital content and graphic creation.

Copy link from UserTesting

  1. Open the UserTesting clip, highlight reel, or session video that you’d like to embed.
  2. Select “...” icon next to the clip to open the share modal.
  3. Choose Viewable by: Anyone with the link
  4. Select Copy link.


Embed UserTesting in Canva

  1. Open a new or existing Canva design or document.
  2. Ctrl + V (PC) or Command + V (Mac).
  3. Video should appear in design or document.

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