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The Qualtrics XM PlatformTM specializes in collecting data related to user experiences. Integrating with UserTesting allows you to connect your Qualtrics surveys with UserTesting tests to get human insights into your survey results, discovering the why behind your what.


The UserTesting integration for Qualtrics is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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How it works

Upon completing a survey, the Qualtrics XM Platform may automatically redirect survey respondents to another webpage. Once redirected, respondents are immediately invited to go to the UserTesting platform where they provide feedback while your survey content is still fresh in mind. Tests typically fill with up to 10 respondents.

Setup is simple: just follow the steps to choose a UserTesting test to connect to a Qualtrics survey. Then sign in to Qualtrics and select a survey and determine how to end the survey. Enter the UserTesting test link in Qualtrics and the integration is complete.

After setup, your UserTesting test is sent out. As soon as the first contributor takes the test, you receive an email and the results are available on the Metrics tab of the UserTesting Platform. You can share insights with team members and stakeholders, by exporting data to Excel and creating video clips and highlight reels. To view survey results, go to your Qualtrics XM Platform account.

Setup from UserTesting

To set up the integration, first, go to your UserTesting Dashboard and choose Settings from the account menu. Select the Integrations tab.




Scroll down to find the Qualtrics integration. Click Connect a Survey.


In the survey are steps to follow for integrating UserTesting and Qualtrics:


In UserTesting

1. Choose one of our pre-built tests.


The UserTesting tests are prewritten for you and designed to follow popular use cases for collecting insights. If you don’t see a topic you want to use, the General Follow-Up test option is flexible enough to follow most surveys. (See the "Edit a test" section below if you’re interested in making changes before you send the test out.)

Here are the test questions that appear when clicking Customer Satisfaction CSAT pre-built test:


To read the test questions, click a test title and the test questions will appear. Or see the Test Questions here.

2. Name Your Test.

Give your test a name so you’ll be able to find it on your UserTesting dashboard. Respondents won’t see this name when they take your test. 


When you’re done, click "Create Link." The test will appear on your UserTesting Dashboard.

Edit the test

If you wish to edit the test before moving on to Step 3, click the test title to open the test. Then go to Actions > Edit test details.


The test builder will open and you will be able to edit the opening scenario and the test plan. 

Note: It is not recommended to edit a test after it has been launched.


3. Copy the UT test link

Copy the link to your test. Each test that you select and create a link for will produce a unique URL. 


Tip: you will complete the next steps in the Qualtrics XM Platform, and there will be some time between having copied the link in UserTesting and then pasting that link in Qualtrics. We suggest opening Qualtrics in a separate browser tab and keeping the UT tab fixed on the link so that you can immediately return to it, again copy the link, then insert the link in Qualtrics. 

Setting up the redirect in Qualtrics

4. Open the Survey tab on your Qualtrics XM survey

Go to the Qualtrics XM platform and choose the survey you want to use from your dashboard. You can also access the full list by selecting “Projects” from the drop-down menu.


You will be taken to the “Survey” tab of your project.


Click the “Survey flow” icon. Next, you will see a list of blocks (groups of questions) in your survey. 


Click the “+ Add a New Element” call-to-action at the bottom of the Survey flow.


Options to add survey flow elements appear.


5. Customize how to terminate the survey

Select "End of Survey," which allows you to terminate the survey and redirect respondents to a customized webpage (e.g., a personalized “thank you” message or a summary of their responses). Click the “Customize” option.


A dialog box appears that allows you to customize the end of the survey. Select “Override Survey Options." 


Click the “Redirect to a URL…” radio button. It will default to the URL.


Linking your UserTesting test to your Qualtrics survey

6. Past the link in the "Redirect to a URL..." field. 

If you need to, again copy the link to your UserTesting test (found on the Integrations tab under Settings). Note that each test that you select and create a link for will produce a unique URL. 


Paste the link so as to redirect the URL.


After entering the link, click “OK.”

Entering the UserTesting app URL into the “Redirect to a URL…” field creates the connection between your Qualtrics survey and your UserTesting test.

Alternative option

Should all your respondents end the survey the exact same way, you might be able to bypass Steps 4–6 above by adhering to the steps that follow. However, only one redirect can be chosen at the same time. You cannot redirect to a URL and then redirect your respondent to a single response report or scoring summary. This approach is not available for free accounts.

If you have a paid account, the steps for integrating UserTesting and Qualtrics will look like this: scroll to the bottom of the “Survey” tab and click this “End of Survey” ‘thank you’ message.


“Edit end of survey” Messaging options appear under the "Survey" tab.


Under the "Messaging" drop-down, select the “Redirect to URL” option.


Paste the link in the Website URL field.


All survey respondents will now be redirected to the UserTesting test.


Best practice

Add a question at the very end of your survey to provide additional details for contributors about being redirected to the UserTesting Platform, where they’ll complete a follow-up Invite Network session.

  • Should all your respondents end the survey the exact same way, you might not need an end-of-survey element. However, only one redirect can be chosen at the same time. You cannot redirect to a URL and then redirect your respondent to a single response report or scoring summary. Additionally, this feature is not available for free accounts.

What happens next 

After completing the integration setup, your Qualtrics survey respondents are invited to take the UserTesting test. With your survey still fresh in mind, people complete a self-guided video interview by answering the test questions.

As soon as the first contributor completes the test, you’ll receive an email from UserTesting with a link to the test results. Results appear on your UserTesting Dashboard in the workspace you selected. You can export data to Excel and create highlight reels to share your insights with key stakeholders and team members. View survey results in the Qualtrics XM Platform.

Please note there is no way in Qualtrics to identify which contributor took the test. You do have the option to ask for UserTesting email addresses/usernames while contributors are taking the test in Qualtrics to identify them later.


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