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The Jira Product Discovery integration with UserTesting enables product teams to share UserTesting video URLs that unfurl with contextual information, which effectively supports ideas and prioritization decisions with customer feedback.


The UserTesting Integration for Jira Product Discovery is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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How It Works

Jira Product Discovery by Atlassian helps product managers capture ideas for products, evaluate and prioritize those ideas, and track their progress against product concepts. 

The UserTesting integration for Jira Product Discovery enables product managers and product teams to more effectively use direct customer insights to support product ideation, evaluate and prioritize those ideas, and track progress against product concepts.

When embedded in Jira Product Discovery’s insight tab, UserTesting videos, highlight reels, and clips display relevant additional information like video title, duration, create date, and description, allowing more teams to engage with customer feedback from the UserTesting Platform.

For a quick look at how it works, view our video.


How to Set It Up

Before using the Jira Product Discovery integration, make sure you have a Jira Product Discovery account and have created a Jira Product Discovery idea. 

Step 1. Navigate to your Settings page, then the Integrations tab. Select Enable for your account under Jira Product Discovery.

Step 2. Within the Jira Product Discovery platform, navigate to the idea to which you wish to add a UserTesting session, clip, or highlight reel as supporting feedback.


Step 3. In another browser window, log in to the UserTesting Platform and navigate to the session, clip, or highlight reel you would like to add to your Jira Product Discovery idea.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 3.04.42 PM.png

Step 4. Select the Copy link button to copy the UserTesting session, clip, or highlight reel.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 9.01.00 AM.png

Step 5. Return to your Jira Product Discovery account and paste the link to your UserTesting session, clip, or highlight reel in the Paste a link field under the Capture tab in the Jira Product Discovery idea.

Click the Authenticate button in the Paste a link field.


Step 6. Next, you will be brought to the UserTesting authentication page, where you will confirm that Jira Product Discovery can access UserTesting videos and associated metadata you wish to share. Click Allow Access.


Note: You will need to complete Step 5 only when you first integrate UserTesting and Jira Product Discovery. After the first time connecting the two solutions, you will be able to paste UserTesting share links into the Jira Product Discovery Paste a link field and select Create to automatically unfurl the links.


Step 7. After successfully connecting UserTesting and Jira Product Discovery, navigate back to Jira Product Discovery. The link that you previously added to a UserTesting session, clip, or highlight reel will be unfurled. This means that all Jira Product Discovery users will be able to view the video thumbnail as well as useful data fields related to the video, including:

  • Name of test associated with the video
  • Link to video (title)
  • Notes associated with the video
  • Video length
  • Creation date
  • Thumbnail (coming soon)
  • User created tags (coming soon)

These data fields can be used for searching and creating formulas to evaluate opportunities for your team.

Step 8. To view the UserTesting video content, users will be redirected to view the video within the UserTesting Platform.

To view private videos, users will need a UserTesting account. Those who already have a UserTesting account will automatically be redirected. Those who do not already have an account, and do not have SSO enabled on their account, will need to contact their UserTesting admin to have one created. If the account does have SSO enabled, the new user will automatically be provisioned with a UserTesting account and will be able to view video content as a read-only user.

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