UserTesting Integration for Fullstory

Learn how to map UserTesting sessions with FullStory's data capture and high-fidelity session replay.

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How it works

  • FullStory is a digital experience analytics platform that enables businesses to understand their customer behavior and deliver more human experiences online.
  • Bridge qualitative and quantitative insights to get a fuller picture of your feedback by mapping appropriate UserTesting sessions to FullStory session replays.
  • When you’ve activated the FullStory integration from UserTesting, we’ve automatically added UTM parameters to the common URL that you’re using to run your tests so that FullStory can identify organic web traffic vs traffic sourced as part of a UserTesting study.
  • To see direct links from UserTesting session videos to FullStory session replays with corresponding data captured, you’ll need to add a few lines of JavaScript to your FullStory JavaScript implementation.


Validate a problem and solution:

  • Quickly determine if an experience a contributor expresses in a UserTesting session is an anomaly or a recurring issue across multiple users by referring to behavioral analytics in FullStory.
  • Leverage UserTesting and FullStory together to add quantitative and qualitative data to back your recommendations. 


Quantify the impact and solve for scale:

  • Is an issue worth the resource investment? 
  • Discover contributor experiences you want to solve for, measure potential business impact using FullStory, and iterate on potential solutions in UserTesting.


Get cross-functional buy-in:

  • Bridge pre-launch qualitative studies with post-launch quantitative analysis by creating seamless workflows across multiple data sources, such as UserTesting and FullStory.
  • This research continuity drives alignment between data and customer insight-driven teams.


For a quick look at how it works, view our video:



Set up the FullStory integration

  1. Admins can enable the FullStory integration by navigating to Settings in your UserTesting account and then to Integrations. Locate the FullStory integration and enable it for your account.
    fullstory integration.png
  2. Update the JavaScript associated with your FullStory SDK to include the following code.
    Note: If you need assistance with this step, contact UserTesting Support to get help from our Solutions Engineering team.


       var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;


       if (urlParams.get('utm_source') === "UserTesting" && urlParams.get('utm_medium') === "Tester") {


            var sessionUrlFromBeginning = FS.getCurrentSessionURL();

            var utEvent = {

                usertesting_eid: urlParams.get("utm_content"),

                "external_link": sessionUrlFromBeginning,

                partner_name: "FullStory"


            var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

  "POST", "", true);

            xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');



    }, 5*1000);

  3. Build and launch your test in UserTesting as you normally would. FullStory must be installed on your website for the integration with UserTesting to work.
  4. When sessions are complete, go to the Sessions tab and you'll find a Watch on FullStory link below each completed session.
    watch fullstory.png
  5. After you're taken to FullStory, the session replay will automatically open for the UserTesting session selected.
    fullstory account.png
  6. As you drill down into a user's session in FullStory, you'll discover how that user interacted on the site, but you may not be able to determine why they behaved that way. The UserTesting session that appears in your FullStory replays will provide direct customer feedback on why they interacted the way they did.
    fullstory session.png



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