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Review frequently asked questions about Quick Start recruiting credits. This information is relevant to our credits-only (not IR-based) plans.

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What is the difference between available, pending, and charged credits?

Available credits

  • Available credits are just that, available to be used on any study and by any team within your account to recruit participants from IntelliZoom.
  • Admins can find available credits for an account by going to Account Settings > Account Information > Credit available.

Pending credits

  • When launching a study and setting one or more IntelliZoom segments live, credits needed to recruit the requested participants move from Available to Pending.
  • Pending credits can:
    • Remain pending until they are used to recruit participants for the study where they are pending. Once used, they move to Charged.
    • Go back to the Available credits bucket (see below FAQs for more specific scenarios).

Charged credits

Charged credits are those that have been used to recruit participants.



When do credits move from Pending to Charged?

  • Unmoderated studies: When a participant completes your study.
  • Moderated studies:
    • When both the moderator and participant join the session.
    • If the moderator doesn't show up after 15 minutes.
      Pro Tip: If a participant doesn't show up for your session, those credits remain Pending until you change the quota for the segment and close the study. This accounts for a replacement participant if you choose to add one. Check How does excluding participants impact credits? for steps on how to replace a participant.



What happens when a segment doesn't get all the requested participants?

Credits remain Pending as long as the segment quota has not been met. The system assumes you want the segment to complete.

For example...

Imagine you've launched a study and set a quota of 10 participants for a segment recruiting with IntelliZoom. Let's say that at some point 7 participants in this segment completed your study. The credits allotted for the 3 remaining participants remain pending until one of these things happens:

  • The remaining participant slots get filled using the pending credits.
  • You decide that you no longer want or need more responses. To move these credits back to the Available bucket, follow these steps:
    1. Take the study offline.
    2. Update the segment quota so there are no open spots available in that segment.



How does excluding participants impact credits?

  • Confidence in data quality is essential to research. We understand that there might be cases where participant feedback may not be usable and lead you to exclude participants.
  • When you exclude participants due to technical or quality issues beyond your control, we will replace these participants at no extra cost.
  • When you exclude participants, two things will happen:
    • Their slots in the corresponding segment are opened up.
    • Credits used for the excluded participant(s) move to Pending. This allows you to either:
      • Get a replacement participant.
        To get a replacement participant, follow these steps:
        1. Exclude the participant(s).
        2. Make sure your study is live and recruiting.
          • If your study is live, these slots get filled automatically.
          • If your study is offline, launch it again.
            • When you make the study live again, a message explains that it will cost X credits.
            • Credits are taken from this study's pending bucket (These were the credits previously used by the excluded participants).
      • Move the credits back to Available.
        If you decide that you don't want to replace the participants and would only want the credits back, follow these steps:
        1. Take the study offline.
        2. Update the segment quota so there are no open spots available in the segment.
        3. Exclude the participant(s).
        4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all segments where you'd like to exclude participants.



Why does it say that it will cost credits to replace participants?

This message details that it will cost X amount of completed credits to get the total completes you need. The necessary amount of required credits is taken from the Pending credits bucket. It DOES NOT cost extra credits to replace participants excluded due to technical or quality issues beyond your control.



Why have the participants I've excluded not been replaced?

Participants are not replaced until the study is relaunched.

  1. Make your study live to begin recruiting replacement participants for those you've excluded.
  2. If your study has not filled as quickly as you expected, check your screener to make sure you're not screening out participants.
    • Make sure the screener criteria are not too strict.
    • The more strict your criteria, the longer it may take to find participants.
    • Unfortunately, there are times were the type of participant you're looking for just isn't available. Follow the steps in How does excluding participants impact credits? > Move the credits back to Available to get your credits back.

Pro Tip: Avoid changing your screener so that participants are recruited based on the same criteria.



Can I change a screener or questions after I launch a study?

Yes! Follow these steps:

  1. Stop your study.
  2. Edit your screener.
  3. Relaunch your study.

Pro Tip: Avoid changing your screener so that participants are recruited based on the same criteria.


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