Find a study on the Studies Dashboard

Learn how to find a study on the Studies Dashboard.

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Use filters

On the Studies Dashboard, use these filters to change the list of studies you see in the Study List:


Primary filters

  • These filters are based on the status of a study.
  • Only one primary filter can be applied one at a time.
  • Available filters:
    • All Studies: See all studies of all statuses
    • Draft: See studies that haven't been launched.
    • Live: See studies that are launched and active to participants.
    • Offline: See studies that are stopped and not active to participants.
    • Template: See studies tagged as templates. (For example, build studies for different methods.)




Secondary filters

  • Secondary filters narrow down data after using a Primary filter.
  • These drop-down menus allow you to optimize your study list.
  • Available filters:
    • Study type: Specific study type or All
    • Label: Study label or All
    • Owner: Owner of the study or All users





Search through your studies list using the search box above the Study list.

  • Search by any information available in any column of the Study List, even if it's not visible.
  • To remove a search filter, click the X icon on the right side of the search box.
  • If you're not seeing a study in your search results, you may not be part of a Team with access to that study.


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