Customize your Studies Dashboard

Learn about the Studies Dashboard in UserZoom Manager and how it can be customized.

Plan Availability: All Plans
👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, Researchers, and Collaborators
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Study list views

Card view

  • Studies are shown in a card format.
  • Each card contains:
    • Study status
    • Study name
    • Method
    • Owner
    • Completes
  • Can't be customized


List view

  • Studies are shown in a one-per-row format.
  • Can be customized.



List view customization

In List view, click the Settings icon to choose which columns to show or hide based on your needs.

  • Status: 
  • Study Name: 
    • The name of the created study.
    • This mandatory field can't be removed.
  • Study ID:  The Unique ID that identifies each study within the account.
  • Method: The Study Type
  • Device Type: The devices permitted to run the study
  • Last Edit By: The most recent person who edited the study
  • Last Edit Date: The most recent date when the study was edited
  • Owner: 
  • Labels: Labels assigned for that study
  • Creation Date: The date when the study was created
  • Launched: The last date when the study was started
  • Last Complete: The date when the most recent participant completed the study
  • Completes: The number of participants who completed the study

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