Learn about the UserZoom HTML Text (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get) Editor and the available characters and options for editing text in your study. 

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About the HTML text WYSIWYG editor


  • The HTML text WYSIWYG editor is where you enter all text in your study.
  • Customize your question as needed using the option detail below. 



Actions available in the HTML text WYSIWYG editor

Depending on your device type, the HTML Text Editor shows more or fewer options.


Options Description
Image01-1.png Bold: Add text in bold.
Image02-1.png Italic: Add text in italics.
Image03.png Underline: Add underlined text.
Image04.png Background color: Change the background color of your text.
Image05.png Text color: Change the color of your text.

Size: Change the text size to Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.

Image07.png Align Left: Align your text to the left.
Image08.png Align Center: Center your text.
Image09.png Align Right: Align your text to the right.
Image10.png Numbered List: Add a numbered list of text.
Image11.png Bulleted List: Add a bulleted list of text.
Image12.png Decrease Indent: Move indented text to the left.
Image13.png Increase Indent: Indent text to the right.
Image14.png Remove Format: Remove formatting from text.
Image15.png Add Image: Add an image.
Image16.png Embed Video: Add a video from YouTube or Vimeo.
Image17.png HTML Format: Edit the HTML code.


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