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Learn about the Monitor section of your study and available actions.

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About the Monitor section

  • When you open any study in UserZoom Manager you are taken to the Monitor section.
  • There you can perform various actions (launch/stop the study, test it, delete it, etc.), refer to information regarding your study and its progress, and also make use of shortcuts to other sections of the same study.



Available information: All statuses

Study Monitor



Activity Summary

  • Status
  • Created: Date the study was created.
  • Launched: Date the study was launched.
    • First complete: Date of the first participant who completed the study.
    • Last complete: Date of the last participant who completed the study.
  • Active participants: How many participants are actively taking the study.
  • Completes: Number of participants who completed the study.
  • Videos: How many participants were recorded taking the study.
  • Median Completion Time: Average time of study completion.
  • Disqualified: How many participants were disqualified.
  • Incidence Rate
  • Excluded by quality controls




Available information: Study offline

Along with the items available for all studies, this information is available when the study is offline:



Available information: Study live

Along with the items available for all studies, the Study Monitor section is available when the study is live and includes the following information:

  • Setup button: Takes you to the recruitment section.
  • Test Study button: Allows you to test your study while live.
  • Stop Study button: Allows you to stop a live study.
  • Study Monitor section: Shows participant progress for your study.
    • Live Intercept example:
    • Icon descriptions:
      • Active Participantsactive_participants.jpg: Participants actively taking the study (Number of participants).
      • Excluded excluded.jpg: Participants excluded due to sample quality control.
      • Exitsexits.jpg: Participants who exited the study early. 
      • Screenoutsscreenouts.jpg: Participants who were screened out.
    • Show completes only:
      • Changes the table to show only completes.
      • Appears below the Study Monitor table.

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