Advanced Tracking for mobile app studies (SDK)

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👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, and Researchers (to work with software developers)
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About Advanced Tracking for Mobile Apps

  • Advanced UX Research and Live Intercept studies for apps track participant paths by default, however, you can add additional tags to events in your App, if needed.
  • UZ library includes a tagging functionality that allows you to place key tags in an application to analyze events and participant paths in UserZoom Manager.
  • If an App has buttons, tags can be added to find how many users tapped on them.
  • UZ library allows you to include up to 3 text tags per event.
  • Tags are available in the Clickstream (Clicks & Paths) and the Raw Data export.
  • Tag information is sent to UserZoom Server when users accept the intercept message and stops when they quit the App.



UZ Library and Technical Documentation

UZ Library and technical documentation are available for both Android and iOS.


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