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About the UserZoom extension and apps

When is one needed?

  • Participants may need to install the UserZoom extension on their browser or one of the two UserZoom apps on their mobile devices to participate in a study.
    • UserZoom Surveys extension: Available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox and is needed to participate in studies on desktop web.
    • UserZoom Surveys app: Available for Android and iOS and is needed to participate in studies on mobile web.
    • UserZoom Live app: Available for Android and iOS and is needed for participants to join a moderated session from their mobile device.
  • Installing the extension or an app is necessary depending on:
    • The study type.
    • If the study includes Navigation tasks or not.
    • If recording has been enabled or not.
  • For more information, refer to Study types that need a UserZoom extension or app.

Participant point of view

  • When a study requires installation of the extension or an app:
    • Participants are prompted to install the extension or app after passing the screener and/or seeing the Welcome page.
    • Participants have to install the extension or app to continue with the study.
    • Both the extension and the apps will be disabled automatically when the study is completed.
  • Learn more about the UserZoom extension and apps below.



UserZoom Surveys extension

Why it's necessary

  • The UserZoom Surveys extension is for desktop studies only.
  • Using the extension makes moderated and unmoderated usability testing possible for desktop web and desktop apps by displaying the Taskbar with task instructions during Navigation tasks.
  • Other benefits of the extension include: 

How it works

From a technical perspective, the UserZoom Surveys extension:

  • Does not require code to be added to your website. This allows you to not only perform analysis on your website but also on competitor websites.
  • Inserts Javascript code into each page. This code is used to track participant actions on each page they visit during a Navigation task.
  • Does not record sensitive information (For example, passwords).
  • Collects data from the active tab during Navigation tasks.
  • Gets automatically disabled after the participant completes the study. If they prefer to uninstall the extension, provide the steps below for their browser.

Note about permissions when installing the extension

  • When installing the UserZoom Surveys Extension, participants are prompted with this message:
    Extension install message.png
  • Have no fear! This standard message is shown because the extension records URLs and clicks while inside a UserZoom study. No changes are made.
  • The extension is automatically disabled when participants finish the study and can also be uninstalled (see below).
  • Pro Tip: To reassure participants that nothing malicious is going to happen with this install, you can add a message in your Welcome Page about what to expect when installing the extension.



Install the UserZoom Surveys extension (more...)

  • Browser configuration must allow extensions(add-ons) to be installed.
    • If not, the extension can't be installed and participants can't take the study.
    • Participants testing on a company computer may not be able to install extensions. Keep this in mind when recruiting.
  • Browsers with incognito mode:
    • Most browsers don't allow extension installation when in incognito mode.
    • In these instances, participants have to take the study in a regular browser window.
    • For Chrome, they can switch to another profile.  

These steps are completed by participants:

  1. After completing the screener and seeing the Welcome Page, participants see a page with instructions to install the extension.
  2. Participants click or tap Install UserZoom Surveys.
  3. After successful installation, the browser displays a confirmation message.
  4. Participants can now continue with the study.


Uninstall the UserZoom Surveys extension (more...)

  • The extension is automatically deactivated when participants complete a study.
  • For security reasons, the extension can't automatically uninstall itself.
  • Participants can uninstall the extension from their browsers.
    • After completing a study that requires extension installation, a new browser window opens confirming the extension has been deactivated.
    • Depending on the browser used, this window may also include:
      • The Uninstall UserZoom survey tool link that participants can click to automatically uninstall the extension.
      • Instructions for how to uninstall the extension from this browser.
  • Alternatively, participants can follow these instructions depending on their browser:


  1. Copy and paste chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Find the UserZoom Surveys extension in the list.
  4. Click Remove. A confirmation dialog appears.
  5. Click Remove again.



  1. Copy and paste about:addons into the address bar.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Find the UserZoom Surveys extension in the list.
  4. Click Remove. A confirmation message appears.



  1. Copy and paste edge://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Find the UserZoom Surveys extension in the list.
  4. Click Remove. A confirmation message appears.
  5. Click Remove again.




UserZoom Surveys app



UserZoom Live App

The UserZoom Live App allows participants to:

  • Join a Moderated session from their mobile device.
  • Talk with the moderator using their device’s microphone and camera.
  • Share their whole screen when testing prototypes, live websites, or mobile apps.
  • Learn more about the Participant experience in Moderated studies.



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