Configure segments in mobile app studies (SDK)

Use these steps to configure segments (Start Settings Info page) in Mobile app studies.

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👥 User roles: Owner, Admins, and Researchers
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  • The Start Settings Info page is used to view segment configuration for Mobile App studies.
  • Segments must be configured first, and then you can find your invitation links under Recruitment > Invitation Links.
  • For each segment, view these details:
    • Assigned App name
    • Tag Name
    • Description (of the tag)
    • Start Method
    • Intercept Delay
    • Intercept Rate


To configure your segments, follow these steps:

  1. Open the study.
  2. Go to the Recruitment tab.
  3. Under Collectors, create your segments.
  4. Click Start Setting Info to check segment information:
    • If your segment is not configured, click Mobile Apps Library to associate a segment with a tag. If you don't have the app that you need already set up, configure the app.
    • If the segment is already associated with a tag, view the details. 
  5. If one or more invitation link tags are associated with segments, find the invitation link in your study under Recruitment > Invitation Links.

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