Mobile app testing with code integration (SDK)

Learn about Mobile app testing in the UserZoom platform.

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Mobile Apps Library (SDK only)




Trigger a study in your app (SDK only)

  • After the UserZoom SDK is integrated into your app, you choose how participants are invited to studies.
  • This depends on one of the three Start Methods of the tag(s) in the app:
    • Start App
      • Initiates the study when users open the app.
      • This method is automatically created when an App is created.
      • There can only be one per App.
    • At a Specific Section of the App:
      • Initiates the study when a specific event or action is completed in the App.
      • Use this trigger in place of a Feedback Tab.
    • Invitation Link requires actual links to be provided to the participants. 
      • Participants download the app (if needed).
      • They are then taken to the app where the study triggers upon opening.


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