Restrict a study based on IP Address

Use these steps to restrict a study based on IP address.

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  • An IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network.
  • IP blocking allows you to block or allow participants based on their IP address.
  • For example, restrict internal research studies to only your employees (IP address obtained through your IT department).
  • When accessing through Invitation Link, blocked participants are not allowed to take the study.
  • Blocked participants do not get to see a Site Intercept or Feedback Tab.
  • IP addresses are not stored and can't be connected to a participant's responses. 


To restrict a study based on the participant's IP Address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Study Builder section of your study.
  2. Click the Settings settings_icon.jpg in the left menu.
  3. Go to the Security & Controls tab.
  4. In IP Blocking, add the IP Addresses to allow or block. IP Address formats allowed are:
    • Specific IP addresses (For example,
    • IP addresses that contain a value (For example, 199.199.199)
    • IP addresses starting with (For example, 199.199.199.*)
  5. Click Save.

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