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At a Glance

If you’re familiar with the Transcripts feature, which automatically transcribes verbal comments from user tests alongside videos, you’ll be happy to hear you can now export transcribed studies to excel, making it easy to view written transcripts of your studies in one place and easily search and locate key findings.


Exporting transcripts to Excel is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup 
Advanced Professional 
Ultimate Premium


Key features

Exporting your Transcripts to Excel allows you to:

  • Quickly search for keywords across multiple test contributor transcripts
  • Easily copy direct quotes for reporting and presentations to stakeholders

How it works

Step 1: Export to Excel

From your dashboard, select the test that you’d like to export. You can export from three different places via your dashboard:

List view


Session view

From the single test view, you can select a single contributor’s response, or select all, then select Export to Excel from the Options menu.


Video player

You can export to Excel right from the video player. Just select Export to Excel from the player controls at the bottom left corner of the player.


Once your export is ready you’ll have the option to download the file. The file will also be emailed to you for your reference.

Step 2: Review your Transcripts via Excel

Your file will include details about the study you exported, including any available transcripts of the sessions.

To review your transcripts, scroll to the Study Protocol section of the document on the Session Details sheet, toward the bottom of the page. Each contributor’s comments will be transcribed alongside the corresponding task or question.

You can also find the associated transcripts for any notes or clips you’ve created in the Clips and Notes sheets.

From here you can read through each contributor's comments in full search for specific keywords, and copy and paste any memorable feedback to share with your team.

Let us know what you think!

We’d love to know what you think of the Export Transcripts to Excel feature, so give it try and share your feedback with Support via this form.


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