April 2020 Product Releases

Constant innovation for our customers is core to UserTesting's mission, and our latest updates to the UserTesting Platform are designed to help more teams capture customer feedback more efficiently than ever before.

Here's a brief video that gives an overview of these updates.

What's New

Marketing Insight


  • Empathize with customers and ensure your brand's messaging, campaigns, and creatives resonate with the intended audience. Learn more about how Quick Answers provide fast feedback across all marketing channels in an intuitive solution designed for Marketers. 
  • Training Course: Get Started with UserTesting for Marketing

Custom Quick Answers


  • Design and implement your own Quick Answers through UserTesting Professional Services to accelerate the feedback process for any team. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to receive more details. 
  • Training Course: Using Quick Answers

Contributor Pack 


Saved Test Plans


Saved Screener Management 


  • Now you can search, edit, and delete any Saved Screener Questions to guarantee you are targeting your ideal audiences during test creation. Read more here.
  • Training Course: How to Use Saved Screeners

Template Library


Secure Prototype Hosting 


  • Upload your prototype for hosting by UserTesting. The prototype is only accessible by test contributors during testing, adding an extra layer of security to your top-secret designs. Available to Premium subscription customers only.
  • Training Course: Prototype Testing

Sentiment Tagging


Feature Updates

Live Conversation Outlook Integration


  • Import your schedule, displaying available time slots based on what is blocked off or shown as available on your Outlook calendar. Live Conversation is a Premium subscription feature available in Marketing Insight and Product Insight.

Reschedule a Live Conversation session


  • Quickly reschedule a Live Conversation session when a time conflict unexpectedly arises. Live Conversation is a Premium subscription feature available in Marketing Insight and Product Insight.

Note-taking within Live Conversation session (GA)


  • Take notes in real-time on the same screen as your Live Conversation session. The notes are later synched with the video recording, helping you navigate directly to key moments when reviewing the recording and creating clips. Live Conversation is a Premium subscription feature available in Marketing Insight and Product Insight.

Live Conversation Transcripts by speaker


  • Transcripts are now labeled by speaker so you can see who said what (by name) to home in on key moments. Transcripts are a Premium subscription feature available in Marketing Insight and Product Insight.

Full-Screen Recording for Mobile Testing


  • Test anything that contributors can see, share, or show on their mobile device screen— now with analytics and visualizations for mobile web testing. Mobile testing is available to all customers; analytics and visualizations are available on the Premium subscription plan.

Improved Excel Export


  • More intuitive organization, the addition of new data, including multi-select responses from multiple choice questions, and Sentiment Tagging make exported records even more helpful. Available to all customers.


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