October 2023 Product Releases

Our latest innovations are designed to help teams get the right human insights faster to make better decisions and amplify business results with the right education, support, and professional services, as well as several new innovations.


What’s New?

New Partner Integrations (UserTesting)



Niche Audience recruitment

Get help capturing critical insights from unique and hard-to-reach audiences for Live Conversation. Understand your target audience’s needs and identify opportunities to develop solutions that propel your business goals. 

  • Quickly access articles and University courses on filters, screeners, and other helpful tips and tricks.
  • Chat in the platform with a product expert to get recommendations on reaching your target audience.
  • Submit a request through the platform for custom recruitment services to connect with hard-to-reach audiences.
  • Available on all plans.

Read our article to get support → 



UserTesting Insight services

UserTesting Insights Services, part of UserTesting Professional Services, provides end-to-end research solutions for customers who would benefit from UserTesting expertise and resources without allocating personnel or using the UserTesting research team as part of their own. Every Insight Services option includes the following:

  • Study design
  • Participant recruiting
  • Screener and script design
  • Identifying the optimal methodology
  • Building and launching tests in the Platform
  • Data and video analysis
  • Final report delivery
  • Insights read-outs and recommendations

Connect with our Professional Services team to set up Insight Services → 



UserTesting University updates

UserTesting Education Services across the different platforms have been unified. Customers can now access UserTesting, UserZoom, UserZoom GO, and EnjoyHQ courses and product documentation, all in UserTesting University.

  • Jumpstart training is available for all new UserTesting, UserZoom, and EnjoyHQ customers, on-demand live.
  • Jumpstart for UserTesting and UserZoom now include both essential research skills and product training.
  • Personalized learning experience: UserTesting and UserZoom customers will have access only to courses based on the product they subscribe to. Customers who subscribe to both UserTesting and UserZoom products will be able to access all courses in one convenient location.
  • All UserTesting, UserZoom, UserZoom GO, and EnjoyHQ articles & product documentation have been consolidated into the UserTesting Knowledge Base.
  • EnjoyHQ and UserZoom GO courses are available in the University and Knowledge Base.

Visit UserTesting Universitiy for all your training needs → 



UserTesting Support Services

New tiered support service plans are available to customers who use the UserTesting, UserZoom, and EnjoyHQ platforms, all delivered by UserTesting’s dedicated team of Support professionals.

  • Basic Support: Access to 24/5 technical support via email.
  • Enhanced Support: Access to 24/5 technical support via email, live chat, and phone.
  • Premier Support: Priority access to 24/5 technical support via email, live chat, and phone; unlimited access to 30-minute Power Sessions; one hour first-response SLA for technical support inquiries via email; 99.9% platform uptime SLA.

Learn more about each support plan in our article → 



UserTesting AI insight summary (beta)

Uncover powerful new insights, more efficiently, by leveraging AI to automatically summarize key learnings and identify important moments from video, text, and behavioral data. With a click of a button, AI-generated insight summary synthesizes verbal and behavioral data from all sessions within a task to generate insights.

  • Minimize time watching videos and manually analyzing task results.
  • Detect trends and patterns across verbal and behavioral data to find key insights.
  • Copy key summaries and move them directly into your reports.
  • Available on the Ultimate edition.

Read our article to learn how to use AI insight summary → 



Core Experience- People Pages enhancements

Reduce the time and effort required to manage user permissions and make it easier for more users to access insights and participate in the research process.

  • Speed up account management tasks across multiple users.
  • Improve the usability and performance of the account administration pages so users can access and perform account management tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Available on the Flex plan.



Live conversations-Multi-user links

  • Clear messaging for hidden observers before session start.
  • Secure session management with role driven permissions.
  • Create multiple sessions and assign the moderator role to any researcher.
  • Available on all plans.



Active directory support

The UserTesting Platform now has Active Directory support for enterprise companies that use Microsoft’s Active Directory to manage their employees’ information. Customers should contact the UserTesting Support Team to turn on Active Directory Support.

  • Reduce IT overhead with central directory management.
  • Streamline workspace and role assignment, allowing IT administrators to auto-assign users into various UserTesting accounts and roles based on Active Directory group names.
  • Available for all enterprise companies on the Ultimate edition.

Read our article to set it up Active Directory on UserTesting→ 




Embed richer insights from UserTesting in Canva designs to promote key customer insights and elevate your digital content with the voice of your customer.

  • Collaborate and ideate with the customer in mind. 
  • Create enriched digital content that showcases your brand’s most engaged fans.
  • Available on all plans.

Read our article to enable the Canva integration → 





With the FullStory integration, link UserTesting user feedback with FullStory session insights to prioritize experience changes that create the biggest impact on experience by connecting qualitative and quantitative insights. 

  • Reference customer behavior in FullStory and leverage UserTesting to understand behaviors in context.
  • Determine if an experience a customer expresses in a UserTesting session is an anomaly or a recurring issue across multiple users by referring to behavioral analytics in FullStory.
  • Assess the impact of customer experience issues ahead of time to prioritize design and platform spending and reduce unforeseen development costs.
  • Available on all plans.

Read our article to enable the FullStory integration → 

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