April 2024 Product Releases

Our latest release features highlight the power of a unified experience by empowering organizations to gather rich human insight with a single AI-powered platform designed to help teams quickly capture, validate, and measure high-quality feedback at any stage of product development. 



What's New

Feedback Engine with AI-powered surveys

With the April 2024 product release, we are introducing the new Feedback Engine, a comprehensive and flexible solution designed to help teams build tests and capture perspectives across any experience.


In addition to existing testing capabilities, the Feedback Engine now features AI-powered surveys for capturing, validating, and measuring high-quality feedback at any stage of product development. By introducing surveys and higher sample size tests, alongside existing features like self-guided testing, Live Conversation, and IA testing, teams now have even more flexibility in how they capture feedback.



Feedback Engine - AI-powered surveys


  • Sample sizes of up to 1,000 participants per audience, unlimited number of audiences
  • Currently offers multiple choice, rating scale, written responses ad introductory style questions
  • Surveys are exclusive to UserTesting Flex customers




  • Easily streamline, manage, and view all collected feedback with our redesigned dashboard. 
  • Widgets are now available to make it easier to take action, view usage, filter tests and more.
  • Ability to pin content or tests that you may need an immediate update on or to reference for later.
  • Available on all plans.



Integrated survey admin controls

  • Integrated survey admin controls simplify platform management for a shared understanding of your customer. 
  • Assign Approval flow settings to team members building and launching surveys.
  • Duplicate surveys for ease and convenience.
  • Move a survey draft between accounts, or move a published survey or draft between workspaces.
  • The updated Session rate card now shows surveys. You can also export your survey data from the Usage and history dashboard.
  • Available on all plans.



AI themes

  • Quickly summarize and prioritize the most relevant themes from open-ended survey questions.
  • Get insights into the "why" behind survey responses without manual analysis as themes are AI-generated.
  • Only available to Flex-Ultimate customers.



New audience builder with country-specific demographics

Demographic filters for surveys.png

  • Allows both UserTesting network and Invite network audiences to be added to a survey.
  • Provides the ability to adjust or filter screeners post-launch.
  • Precisely target participants through new country-specific demographic filters, matching the local currency, regions, and more.
  • Only available on the Flex plan.



Custom terms and check box

  • Add customizable terms for each audience when launching surveys, including the Invite Network, by editing the text box and check box text.
  • Use custom terms to obtain participants’ consent to collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Only available on the Flex plan.



Screeners for Invite Network

  • Single-select and multiple-select screener questions are available for surveys for both UserTesting Network and Invite Network audiences.
  • Utilizing screeners helps you to further filter participants to make sure you're gaining insights from your desired audience.
  • Only available on the Flex plan.



Audience analytics

  • See participant demographics and screener responses for each survey audience.
  • Group results by audience characteristics to gain deeper insights into response patterns and trends.
  • Only available on the Flex plan.



Additional resources

Sign up for our April 2024 Product Release webinar on April 25th at 1:00 PM CDT.


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