Can I cancel or reschedule my Live Conversation?


Can I cancel a Live Conversation?

Yes, you can cancel a scheduled session. Whenever possible, we ask that you provide participants with a 24-hour notice before canceling the scheduled session. You'll see the option to cancel an upcoming session on your dashboard.

Please note that canceling a session and rescheduling a new one does not automatically result in the same test participant.

How do I reschedule a Live Conversation? 

You can reschedule a session by selecting Reschedule from the dropdown. We will remove the session from your calendar and you will get an email confirming that the session at the originally scheduled time has been cancelled.

  • If you had a session scheduled with a member of the UserTesting panel, you can choose to reschedule with the same participant or another member of the UT panel. 

    • If you choose to reschedule with the same participant, we will notify the participant that you need to reschedule and provide them with your new availability.

    • If you choose to reschedule with another member of the UserTesting panel we will email that original participant and let them know that that study is cancelled. We will then re-share your availability with members of the UserTesting panel who match your criteria. Once the new appointment is scheduled, we will send a new invitation out to all the participants.

    • If your session was scheduled with a member of your network using My Recruit, we will email the scheduled participant to inform them that you are no longer available at the previously scheduled interview time. We will offer the participant the ability to find another time slot from your list of available times by directing them back to the platform to select a new appointment time.  If the participant does not respond, you might need to reach out to additional participants to fill the time slot.  


If at any time your availability has changed, you should adjust this before sharing with UserTesting panel participants or via My Recruit. 

For Participant Support, visit the Panel help center.

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