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This article explains where to find your UserTesting subscription end date, what happens when your subscription ends, and how to renew your subscription.


Where do I find my UserTesting subscription end date?

Your UserTesting plan information and subscription end date are listed on your Statement of Work (SOW) / Order Form. You can also find your subscription end date in your team's onboarding email.

What happens when my UserTesting subscription ends?

When your UserTesting subscription ends you will lose access to your account and a wealth of UserTesting benefits, including:

  • Immediate customer insights to inform your product and design decisions. 
  • Access to our industry-leading network of test contributors
  • Rapid prototype, application, and mobile design feedback
  • Sharing voice of the customer learnings with your team, organization, and key stakeholders 
  • Early access to the latest innovations to help you truly understand the why behind the what

How do I renew my UserTesting subscription?

You can contact Support and your request will get routed accordingly. In some cases, your UserTesting subscription will automatically renew. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details.  

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