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Learn about the Seat-based plan subscription and how to edit roles and permissions


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Subscription types

  • There are three subscription types on the Seat-based plan.
    • Startup
    • Professional
    • Premium
  • For a list of features available on each subscription, visit this summary page.
    If you have questions about your subscription, contact Support or talk to your Customer Success Manager.




There are five types of licenses you can assign team members.

Unlimited creator

  • This role is best for power users and full-time researchers.
  • Create test plans, save tests as templates, launch tests, and edit tests.

Standard creator

  • Users who can run up to 15 tests.

Light creator

  • Users who can run up to 3 tests.


  • This "read-only" role is best for people who don't need to run tests.
  • View test results, test plans, and drafts; share insights; and create clips and highlight reels.
  • Cannot create, edit, or launch tests or templates.
  • Accounts can have unlimited viewers.

Account Admin

  • This role adds administrative privileges to the Creator and Collaborator roles.
  • Add and remove users; assign roles; create workspaces; and set feature and workspace permissions for users.
  • Accounts can have unlimited admins.



Edit roles and permissions

  1. Select your initials from the dashboard, then choose Settings.
    account dropdown usertesting.png
  2. Go to the People tab.
  3. Select the options menu icon (...) next to a team member's name. Choose View profile.
    view profile usertesting.png
  4. Set the user's role and appropriate permissions.
  5. Edit Workspace ownership and access level, as well as add the user to a workspaceworkspace permissions usertesting.png
  6. On the Premium plan, edit Approval flow settings for each workspace.
  7. View the user's Activity to check last login and total tests created.
    activity usertesting.png



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