Add QXscore to your study

Use these steps to add QXscore to your study. To understand QXscore, refer to Interpret the QXscore.

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Check if your account has QXscore available

To add QXscore to a study, your account needs to have both the Advanced UX Research study type and the QXscore feature enabled. To check, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Advanced UX Research study.
  2. Go to the Study Builder section of your study.
  3. In the left menu, look for add_qxscore_available.jpg. If this button is available, you're able to add QXscore to your study.



Tips on planning your study

  • To add QXscore to your account, you first need Advanced UX Research abilities. Contact your Account Manager for more information.
  • Choose tasks that can be repeated over time if you are planning to run longitudinal benchmarking studies. For example:
    • Make sure the specific product or menu item will still be available. 
    • For competitor benchmarking studies, choose tasks that can be easily replicated on competitor sites to make sure the scores are comparable.
  • Get buy-in from the team.
    • Align the tasks you include with your wider team, where appropriate, to help you get more buy-in to the results.
    • Promote the study with key stakeholders to get buy-in to the results.
  • Think about the right sample size for your study to give you the best results to drive decision-making. For more information on Sample Size, check out the How many participants do I need? video in the UserZoom Academy.
  • When doing a competitor benchmark, create a separate study to get that data.



Add the QXscore task to your study

  1. Create your Advanced UX Research study as normal.
  2. Go to the Study Builder section of your project.
  3. Select + Add QXscore add_QXscore_button.png in the left menu.
  4. Choose the Stimulus you're testing from the drop-down:
    • Website
    • App
    • Prototype
    • Product
    • Platform
  5. Click Apply apply_button.jpg
  6. Configure your study to get attitudinal and behavioral data. See below for details.



Configure your study to get attitudinal and behavioral data


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