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About UserZoom study templates

  • To make building a study easier, save you some time, or to get your creative juices flowing, we've added a series of predesigned templates to your UserZoom platform.
  • These templates cover all study types and serve as a roadmap to building successful studies.
    • Included are our recommended study designs and suggested research questions.
    • Using these tried and true methods and best practices allows you to easily run good quality research with confidence that you'll get the insights you need.
    • The best part is, these are simply a suggestion. You're able to customize the templates to best fit your needs.
    • Depending on the study type, editable/removable content appears in bold or bold yellow highlighted text. 

      • Advanced UX Research study templates look like this:

      • Basic Usability Test study templates look like this:


Question Library

  • This Question Library covers a range of topics including:
    • Measuring value proposition
    • Content evaluation
    • SUS
    • Post task follow-up questions
    • Brand perception
  • These questions will help you save some time building your study and allow you to be more confident and efficient in your research. 



Unmoderated study templates

Advanced UX Research

Name Device
How do you compare against competitors? Desktop
Is my website content good or bad?
What are the main pain points of our website?
What product features are needed by users?
Which icon best fits with [XYZ]?


Basic Usability Test

Name Device
Detecting prototype usability issues Desktop
Should we choose design A or B?
What do users think of this concept?


Basic Usability Test For Apps

Name Device
Mobile App Testing (Codeless) Native App (Codeless)


Card Sort

Name Device
How do users group menu items?(Open CardSort) Desktop & Tablet
How should we group menu content? (Closed CS)


Click Test

Name Device
Can users find an item on the screen? Desktop
Which design do customers prefer?


Live Intercept

Name Device
What do visitors intend to do on your site? Desktop, Tablet & Mobile



Name Device
What’s most important to customers? Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Tree Test

Name Device
Is your site structure effective? Desktop, Tablet & Mobile



Moderated study templates

Moderated Structured Interview Template



Other information

Question Library (Master)



Find UserZoom study templates

  1. Go to your Studies Dashboard.
  2. Click the Templates box.
  3. View all available templates.




Use UserZoom study templates

See Create a new study using a template.

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