Operators for conditions based on URL (Advanced UX Research)

Learn about the different operators for conditions based on URL.

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About operators

  • Use operators to match patterns in URLs visited in Navigation tasks.
  • Operators include:
    • Match the whole URL: Exact
    • Match part of the URL:
      • Contains
      • Not contains
      • Starts with
  • Use operators with these features:
  • Prototype testing on desktop vs mobile
    • Sometimes the URLs are different depending on the device being used to test.
    • Remember to verify the URL when setting up your operators.










  • The URL has to include the defined parameter.
  • The parameter has to be exactly the same in the URL. 
  • research_capabilities doesn't match research-capabilities.
  • Example:



Not contains

  • The URL can't contain the defined parameter.
  • Participants are validated when a URL not containing the defined parameter is visited.
  • Example:



Starts with

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