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Learn about the task types UserZoom offers to answer different types of research questions. There are different question and task types available per study type.

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Navigation tasks

  • Use Navigation tasks to run studies on any web-based interface (For example, websites, prototypes, or mock-ups) or mobile app.
  • Ask participants to navigate and carry out a task.
  • You can send participants to a specific URL (web-based studies only) or allow them to continue where they were.
  • During the Navigation tasks, participants see:
    • The website, prototype, or app being tested
    • The taskbar with instructions and buttons to end the task
    • The address bar (can be hidden for mobile web)
  • Navigation tasks offer more features in Advanced UX Research studies than in Basic Usability Tests & Moderated studies.
  • Learn how to configure Navigation Tasks.



Navigation Only tasks



Click Test task

  • Use Click Test tasks to see where people click to accomplish a specific task or find a specific piece of information.
  • Click Test tasks allow you to test designs at very early stages as they only require an image, as opposed to a working prototype.
  • Clicks on the image are presented in the Results area as a Heatmap.
  • Learn how to configure a Click Test.



Timeout Test task

  • Timeout Test tasks are used to show participants a screenshot of a web page or prototype for a number of seconds.
  • Ask follow-up questions about their impression or their understanding of the content.
  • There is no recording for the individual task, but if you set up recording for the entire study, the task will be recorded.
  • Learn how to configure a Timeout Test.



Card Sort tasks

  • Card Sort tasks are used to find patterns in how users expect to find content.
  • Use Card Sort tasks to get insights on how participants mentally organize information and name or describe certain groups of items.
  • There are two types of Card Sort tasks:
    • Open Card Sort
    • Closed Card Sort
  • Learn how to configure a Card Sort.


Open Card Sort

  • Participants are asked to place a list of items into unnamed categories.
  • They also name the categories where the items are placed.



Closed Card Sort

Participants are asked to place a list of items into predefined, named categories.




Tree Test task

  • Use Tree Test tasks to test the information architecture of a website.
  • Ask participants to select in a tree structure where they expect to find information.
  • Tree Test tasks evaluate the findability, organization structure, and terminology of a menu.
  • Learn how to configure a Tree Test.



Questions Only task

  • Use Questions Only tasks to insert additional independent questionnaires to your study.
  • They make it easier to find and analyze information on a specific topic.
  • Learn more about question types.

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