Add a Timeout to a Navigation task (Advanced UX Research)

Use these steps to add a Timeout to a Navigation task.

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  • Add a timeout to your Navigation task to give participants a specific amount of time to complete the task.
  • After the timeout, the task is ended automatically and participants are sent to your questionnaire.
  • This is available for Advance UX Research studies only.


To add a Timeout to a Navigation task, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Study Builder section of your study.
  2. Select the Navigation task. This takes you to the Settings tab under Task Settings & Validation.
  3. Scroll to the Timeout section on the Settings tab.
  4. Check Enable Timeout.
  5. Customize these options:
    • Maximum time to complete this task: Use the dropdown to select:
      • 1 to 60
      • Minutes or Seconds
    • When time expires, skip to: Choose the next destination after the timeout.
    • Enable Timeout Message:
      1. Click the Enable Timeout Message box.
      2. Use the WYSIWYG editor (text box) to customize the message seen by participants.
        Pro Tip: Add some clarity to what happened. Tell participants that the time for the task has finished. Explain that they will now answer questions about their navigation.
  6. Click Save.

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