Integrate Adobe Target with UserZoom

Use these steps to integrate Adobe Target with UserZoon.

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About integrating Adobe Target with UserZoom

  • Adobe Target allows you to add JavaScript snippets to track which website is being viewed so you can trigger different Site Intercepts.
  • With this custom JavaScript, you can trigger different Site Intercepts depending on the website shown, experience A or B (example based on an A/B test).
  • Use Site Intercepts to ask participants about their experience and opinions of the website shown.
  • By doing this, you can have Adobe Target working along with UserZoom to:
    • Ask specific questions of participants
    • Show specific tasks to participants
    • Filter results to show specific paths depending on the website visited



Recruiting & Data Segmentation

  • Decide how the recruiting needs to be done:
    • Site Intercept or Feedback Tab (recommended)
    • Invitation Links
  • To segment the results, the ideal scenario is to create one unique study with multiple segments, allowing you to analyze the results in full and/or apply filters.
  • Depending on your needs, you could also create different tasks in the same study or directly create different studies.
  • Site Intercepts, Feedback Tabs, or Invitation Links are unique per study and per segment, so there will always be a way to identify where participants are intercepted.



Site Intercept / Feedback Tab (Recommended)

  1. Create one study with a unique Navigation task.
  2. Add the segments with Site Intercept or Feedback Tab as the collector type. Create one segment per experience to be tested.
  3. Get the javascript codes for either the Site Intercept or Feedback Tab.
  4. In the experiment, click Code > Custom Code.
  5. Add the Site Intercept/Feedback tab code.
  6. Click Save.
  7. You can also make sure visitors only get intercepted once, regardless of the experience they get, by unchecking Use a different cookie for each collector segment or manually change the cookie name.



Invitation Links

  1. Create one study with multiple Navigation task.
  2. Add a starting URL for each experience by inserting the URL provided in Adobe Target.
  3. To get this URL:
    1. Go to Preview Experiences.
    2. Right click Preview Links to copy the URL of each one.
  4. Apply task randomization, so only one of them is shown.



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