Rally integration for UserZoom


Learn about how to use the Rally integration with UserZoom. 

This article applies to: uz logo tiny.png UserZoom

Follow the steps below to set-up the integration:

  1. First, create a Recruit your own test in UserZoom. Copy the Panel link for the test.
  2. Next create a study in Rally. In the Studies tab select + New Study, a modal will appear.

  3. Select Unmoderated test as the Study type, then Continue. 
    Pro tip: Participants will see the name of your test. You can edit the test name here. 
  4. If a specific number of participants are needed update the What’s your participation limit? to a specific number of participants and add the total number needed. If you wish to collect as many as possible update to Unlimited
  5. From here add consent forms, incentives, branding, and screeners.
  6. Select Next to move onto the Test tab. In the What app are you using for this test? dropdown select UserZoom.

  7. In the Enter test URL field, paste in the Panel link to your UserZoom test. See video to find Panel link.

  8. In the Copy redirect link section, copy the redirect link and return to your UserZoom study.
  9. In UserZoom in the Study Builder, go to the Final Pages & Redirects section.
  10. In the Completes section, if you have multiple segments in your study, update the Participants that have completed the study dropdown to Different action per segment.
  11. In the segment where you took the Panel Link, update the Go to final page dropdown to Redirect to URL and paste in the redirect URL you copied from Rally. See video to locate the redirect.

Pro tip: You can also send Moderated tests to your Rally audiences. Select Survey test as the Study type in Rally. This test type has the most flexibility to run moderated interviews.

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