Creating and editing templates

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Now you can speed up the research process by creating templates from your:

  • Research Plans
  • Project Reports
  • Stories
  • Notes
  • Projects

Only admins users can create templates but templates created by admins are available for all team members to use. That way you can empower other people in your team to do great research.

You can create and find all your templates in the templates section.

Here you can create and filter existing templates by type and edit them easily.

Pick the type of template you want to create, add a name, a description and start writing the content of your template.

Once templates are created, you will be able to apply them by using the "append template" button in the editor toolbar of a plan, story, report or document (see below):

Or, to save time, select the Plan, Report and Story templates you wish to use when creating a project:


How to create templates

Here's a quick gif explaining step by step how to create templates in the template manager:


Applying templates

Depending on the type of content you're creating, templating option will be located in a different part of the editor:

Option can be found in the note editor's toolbar:


Create a Project template

Let’s say you would like to create a project that uses a specific template for the research plan, another template for stories and perhaps, some interview guides you created using notes. 

You can select multiple pre-existing templates and save it as a project. This way next time you have to do a similar project you don’t have to start from scratch.

The possibilities are endless 💅

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