Batch editing data

In the search area or in your research project's data section or the analysis board, when hovering over one of the pieces of feedback in the results list, you can select it with a checkbox. From there you have multiple options available as batch operations. 

The batch changes can be applied to either selected items or to all results of a search - either documents or highlights, depending on the view settings in your project's data section:


You can execute the following actions with the batch actions:

  1. Add selected items to a project
  2. Add a tag or multiple tags
  3. Add properties to documents or highlights
  4. Add sentiment
  5. Assign multiple documents to a team member
  6. Mark group of documents as read or unread
  7. Delete selected items

Additionally, when in a project data section, you can remove all selected items from the project's data section and add them to the analysis board's themes.

The project's analysis board also supports batch actions - just like in the data section, to get started select one item in a given theme all of the themes's items:


Removing data from integrations? If the data you are deleting is coming from integrations, reconnecting the integration won't bring the data back. If you want us to restore the data we can do it for your but only for a short window of time!


Batch editing can be combined with EnjoyHQ's search capabilities - you can for example find all Delighted documents with the tag "problem" and assign a new property to your search results.

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