July 2021 Product Releases

Latest innovations and new features that help teams quickly validate any decision, present custom confidentiality terms when gathering feedback, and collect intelligent insights with visualizations powered by machine learning.

Here's a short video summarizing the features of the product release.

What's New

Custom Confidentiality Terms

  • Improved and streamlined experience for presenting custom confidentiality terms directly within the platform. Offer an added layer of confidentiality awareness when gathering feedback on sensitive information. Reference the date and timestamp of when a contributor reviewed these terms.
  • Available on all accounts with Professional/Advanced or Premium/Ultimate subscriptions. Invite Network is not supported.

Short Test

  • Quickly collect customer perspectives by asking a few targeted questions that return five-minute video responses. Useful for teams conducting short preference, comparison or A/B tests, first impressions, concept validation, prototype testing, and more. Empower less experienced teams with short test templates 
  • Available on all accounts on the usage-based pricing model.
  • Training Course: Running a Short Test

Keyword Map (Beta)

  • Identify the most frequently used adjectives from contributor responses sorted by sentiment in a visualization that allows you to understand feedback at a glance. Dive deeper into clips you want to explore directly from the keyword map. 
  • Available on Advanced, Ultimate and Premium subscriptions.
  • Training Course: Using UserTesting Metrics

Sentiment Path

  • Discover sentiment patterns across feedback by exploring positive and negative moments contributors expressed throughout web-based experiences. Drill down into specific moments that triggered sentiment by watching videos to better understand feedback.
  • Available on Ultimate and Premium subscriptions.
  • Training Course: Using UserTesting Metrics

Intent Path (Beta)

  • Investigate intent patterns across feedback by evaluating contributor behavior based on what they clicked on or engaged with as they navigate through web-based experiences.  Select individual paths to watch videos and understand common behaviors on the customer journey, like browsing, searching, adding to cart, and more. 
  • Available on Ultimate and Premium subscriptions.
  • Training Course: Using UserTesting Metrics

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