Confidentiality Agreements (Beta)

This functionality requires participants to explicitly view and consent to your confidentiality agreements before starting a test.

  • Upload a PDF of any agreement once and use it with multiple audiences. This feature also supports viewing and consenting to multiple agreements within one test.
  • Uploaded confidentiality agreements may be used for UserTesting panelists and MyPanel participants within both Live Conversation and Unmoderated tests.
  • Reference the participant’s username, date, and timestamp for every accepted agreement, and also download the [form of] accepted confidentiality agreement.
    • Note that personally identifiable information (“PII”) for participants will not be provided or shared as part of this process.

Participants are able to identify that the test will require a confidentiality agreement via an icon that appears within the test invitation on their dashboard. After completing the screener process, participants will be presented with the confidentiality agreement.

The participant can accept/decline the agreement and have the option to download the agreement for reference. If a participant declines the agreement, they will not be able to proceed.

How to enable confidentiality agreements

1. In the audience builder, there is a toggle to turn on “Confidentiality Agreements.”


2. When the toggle is turned ON, an area to upload a confidentiality agreement appears. Only PDF formatted files are supported.


3. Drag and drop the file into the audience builder and rename the file, if necessary.


4. Review the uploaded files from the summary screen to ensure you have added the correct documents. You are now ready to move on to the test plan builder, or launch your test. 


5. When a participant completes the test, you will see the standard information we provide about participants (e.g. the participants’ username) along with the date and timestamp for when the agreement was accepted. 

Note that additional PII, such as the participants’ actual name, address, etc. will not be provided as part of this process.


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