Short Tests (Beta)

Short tests make it easy to get focused feedback from up to 100 participants. Create a targeted test plan with 3–5 questions, then filter to get the exact audience you want. You get back 5 minute video sessions of participants taking your test.


Short tests are recommended for: 

Create a Short Test from a Template

You can create a short test with a UserTesting templates.

Select the template you want to use, then customize it to fit your needs.


Create Your Own Short Test

In the test plan, click the Short Test switch. 



Add 3–5 tasks or questions to your test plan.


Note: Participants only get 5 minutes to take short tests. To be sure they finish your test in time, don’t add too many tasks and questions. 


Short Test Audiences

Short tests are great for large audience sizes—you can have up to 100 participants take your short test—and with click maps and Interactive Path Flows, post-test analysis is faster than ever. 

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