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Did you recently consolidate into another team’s UserTesting dashboard instance? Are you wondering what you can do if your old instance is read-only? This article explains what you can do before and after an instance is made read-only to guide you while porting over data to a new instance.

What does it mean if your UserTesting account is read-only?

Account Users FAQs

Quick view of what is and isn't transferable

Admins FAQs

What does it mean if your UserTesting account is read-only?

When an instance is set to be “read-only,” that means you’ll be migrating to another team’s consolidated Dashboard instance. You’ll continue to have access to the instance(s) that you’re migrating from, but they will be set to “read-only.” “Read-only” means you can still view existing data, but you cannot order new tests or upload videos. New testing and video uploads will be on the consolidated Dashboard instance.

Account Users FAQs

What can licensed account users (non-Admins) do to prepare for a consolidation?

  • Complete analysis on existing videos
  • Download videos, highlight reels, and data reports (please note: it’s not possible to transfer clips, highlight reels, or metadata to the consolidated dashboard instance). You may upload MP4 videos and recreate clips and highlight reels once an Admin assigns you a seat license
  • Copy templates, drafts, and executed test plans (includes screeners)—instructions are provided below. You can add these to the consolidated instance once an Admin assigns you a seat license
  • Invite team members to the consolidated instance as collaborator/viewer

What can account users (non-Admins) do within a Read-Only UserTesting Dashboard instance?

  • View and complete analysis on tests that were unfilled prior to the consolidation
  • Continue to view and download existing videos and their associated, highlight reels, metadata, etc.
  • Ordering new tests and uploading videos is disabled (the Create test button will be inactive)

How can licensed users copy executed test plans and drafts to your consolidated Dashboard instance?

  1. Find the test plan you want to copy, then use the Options menu (three dots) to Create a similar test and produce a draft.
  2. Click on Drafts in the navigation menu.
  3. Open the Options menu (three dots) for the draft you'd like to move, and select Share. A modal window will appear. 
  4. Click the Copy Link button to copy the URL. Close the modal.

  5. Switch over to your other account.
    First, click on the account menu icon and select Settings. 


    Then, go to Edit Account and select the account you want from the drop-down menu.


  6. Paste the copied link into your browser and save it. The draft should now be accessible in this account. 

How can you move saved screeners?

When moving Drafts between accounts, you will also move the screeners associated with a test. From there, you can create new Saved Screeners to add to your primary or consolidated account. For more information about managing screener questions, view this Knowledgebase article.

Quick view of what is and isn't transferable

Transferable Not Transferable
  • Drafts of templates
  • Drafts of Test plans
    • Can include saved audience
    • Can include saved screener questions
  • Saved audiences
  • Screener questions
  • Clips
  • Highlight reels
  • Metadata

Admins FAQs

Are you considering consolidating multiple UserTesting dashboard instances into a single instance? Contact your account representative to discuss how this can benefit your team.

How do I request read-only access for inactive dashboards?

  • Let your account representative know you’re preparing a consolidation deal and tell them which dashboards you want to stay open.

Please note: Workspace names are visible to all users on the instance including migrated users; existing clips, highlight reels, and video metadata will remain on the Read-Only instance(s).

What can Admins do to prepare for a consolidation?

What should Admins do after consolidation is finalized?

  • Create workspaces with view/access permissions for the team(s) being added to the consolidated instance (if your subscription provides this feature)
  • Manage workspace privacy and Session Unit limits
  • Invite users, assign seat licenses, and organize them into workspaces
  • Assign admin roles
  • Set up Approval flow (if your subscription proves the Approval flow feature)
  • Remove users from the read-only instance(s) once they no longer need access to the past data.

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