Tag Management

Keeping your tags consistent is easy with EnjoyHQ's tag manager.  You can find the tag manager in the sub-menu right next to your avatar.

With the tag manager you can:

  1. Merge tags
  2. Rename tags
  3. Hide and delete tags





Rename Tags





When you click on pencil icon you can rename a tag. That will change the name of that specific tag in all documents or highlights in your account.


 Only existing documents and highlights will be affected. You can use rules to automate adding a tag to any new piece of feedback.
When renaming imported tags they will be hidden, see below for more information.


Merge Tags

Simply click on the checkbox next to tags you want to merge and click Merge.


You can specify the new name of the merged tag, or re-use one of the existing names:

 Only existing documents and highlights will be affected


Remove and Hide Tags

Removing can be triggered via trash can icon or by selecting multiple tags and clicking buttonREMOVE. We will then remove the tag from all documents in your account. Note that imported tags won't be removed, but will be hidden from existing and new documents.


Effects of hiding imported tags

Hiding allows you to control the visibility of tags imported from integrations. For example, your support system has its own taxonomy that works for customer support but is not relevant to your tag taxonomy in EnjoyHQ. By hiding the tags coming from your support system, none of the imported tags will be visible in documents, charts and search filters. However, you can still use these tags in rules.

This gives the ability to automate the following actions with rules, without polluting your tagging system within EnjoyHQ:

  • keep feedback incoming from an integration only if it has a specific set of tags, and hide these tags from the rest of the application
  • automatically apply a new tag based on a set of tags coming from integrations, and hide these tags from the rest of the application

You can always make hidden tags visible by removing the hidden flag - that will make them visible in documents, charts and the query builder.



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