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Use these steps to upload videos from other sources of customer feedback on your UserTesting dashboard.

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Video upload is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials  Startup 
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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About video upload

  • Video upload enables you to:
    • Upload MP4 videos from any source outside of UserTesting.
    • Create clips and Highlight reels.
    • Read and search through automatically generated Transcripts (if available on your account).
  • There are some restrictions and recommendations for video upload:
    • Only MP4 files can be uploaded.
    • The maximum file size is 5GB.
    • Videos should be less than one hour in length.
    • Deleting an uploaded video will permanently delete the video from your team's account.



Upload a video

  1. On the UserTesting dashboard, select Create test.
  2. Choose Upload and review a video.
    upload video usertesting.png
  3. Read UserTesting's Acceptable Use Policy, then Accept & Continue to proceed.


  4. Drag and drop or choose your MP4 files for uploading.
    Video upload select video usertesting.png
  5. Give your test a name.
    Note: If you add multiple videos at once, they are organized under the same test. Upload videos separately to organize them individually.
    Video upload name test usertesting.png
  6. View your test or return to the dashboard. 



Edit and share a video

  1. View the Transcript of your video in the video player.
    Note: Only English-language transcripts can be generated for video uploads.
  2. Make a clip from the video.
  3. Create a Highlight reel from your clips.
  4. Share the video by selecting the Actions button on the Videos tab of the test and choosing Share video.
    share video usertesting.png



Add additional videos

  1. Select the video upload session where you want additional videos.
  2. Click the Actions button next to the Share button.
  3. Choose Add Videos from the menu.
    add videos usertesting.png
  4. Upload your video(s) as before.
  5. Once added, the video(s) will appear along with any others in the video session.



Delete a video

  1. Select the checkbox next to the video session you want to delete.
  2. Click the Actions button that appears at the bottom and choose Delete.
    delete videos usertesting.png
  3. Choose Delete again to confirm your action.
    Note: The video will be permanently deleted from your entire team's account. Make sure no one else on your team needs the video before deleting it.



Monitor video storage used

  1. Go to Settings from the account (your initials) menu.
  2. Navigate to the Usage and history tab.
  3. Find the amount of storage used to date under Usage.
    • Depending on your account, you will have 1TB or 4TB of free storage.
    • If you are on the seat-based plan, you can see how much video upload storage your team has used via the usage reports.
    • To purchase additional storage, contact your Customer Success Manager.




  • All videos are uploaded using SSL, which keeps them encrypted during transit.
  • Once uploaded, the videos are encrypted and stored on Amazon S3, just like videos created by our screen recorders or Live Conversations.



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