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Dashboard overview
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  • The dashboard overview uses widgets to provide information.
  • The Navigation menu (to the left on a desktop view) contains a workspace switcher at the top, allowing you to shift from one workspace or account to another.
  • This Navigation menu also allows you to switch between tests, drafts, and highlight reels.


Pinned content

  • Pin tests to this portion of the dashboard for quick and easy access.
  • Pin tests that are frequently copied or referenced.



  • Action item widget

    • Features actionable and dismissible notifications to include:
      • Upcoming live conversations.
      • Alerts regarding account and workspace usage.
      • Approval requests and updates.
      • Tests that have a problem.

  • Admin overview widget

    • For admins on the account, this widget highlights usage by the account and workspace.
      • Quick view of total session units purchased, used, and remaining days till renewal.
      • A highlight of most active workspace members.
      • Easy access to the subscription dashboard.

  • Test widget

    • Shows tests or drafts.
    • Ability to filter all tests.
    • More consistent experience with test list


Switching accounts and workspaces
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  • Team members may be assigned to more than one workspace in the dashboard.
  • The account and workspaces associated with it are in the Navigation menu.
  • Using the workspace switcher allows you to switch to other accounts and workspaces.


Creating tests

Viewing tests, drafts and highlight reels


  • Access the tests, drafts, and highlight reels using the Navigation menu.

  • In the Navigation menu, select Workspace to see active tests and insights in a given workspace.

  • When viewing drafts, you can use the All drafts drop-down menu to filter drafts by those that need and are approved. This applies if your account has access to Approval flow.


Managing folders
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  • You can find and manage your folders in the Navigation menu.
  • Folders that live within a selected workspace will show up here.
  • When you click on a folder, the Dashboard view will update to show all the tests, drafts, and highlight reels in that folder.
  • To change a folder’s name or to delete a folder, select the folder you want, and then click the Actions button for the drop-down menu to Edit or Delete.
  • To add a new folder, click the “+” icon in the folders section of the Navigation menu.


Accessing templates


  • Templates are pre-built test plans that UserTesting has designed with industry best practices in mind.
  • Your team can also build their own templates to share with people on your account.
  • If available on your account, you will see the option to Manage Templates for test plans, audiences, screener questions, and Quick Answers in your Template Library.
  • To learn more about templates, see our article, Using Templates.


Managing Contributor Networks
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 2.14.53 PM.png

  • Find your Favorite contributors networks and Custom Networks when you click Contributor Networks under Library in the Navigation menu.


Finding help resources


  • If you need additional support and guidance, click the “?” button by the initials button.
  • Multiple options are available for help, to include:
    • Help articles in our Knowledge base.
    • Video tutorials at UserTesting University.
    • In-app guides
    • A community forum and more.


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