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Use these steps to export study results.

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Export study results

  1. Go to the Results section of your study.
  2. Select Data Exports data_exports_buttons.jpg in the left menu. 
    • In this view, you'll see all your exports and exports created by others for this study.
    • You can delete or download exports created by you or others from this view.
    • If the export you need is already there click Download download_export.jpg. Remember to check the filter and date to ensure that all data is included.
    • If the export does not exist, continue to step 3.
  3. Click + New Export new_export.jpg.
  4. Your current filtered participants are included by default. If you'd like to apply a different filter, click the Data dropdown at the top right and choose which participants you'd like included in the export. 
    • All filters you've already created are shown in this view.
    • New filters must be added from the main Filter dropdown.
  5. Choose your export type in the New Export window:
    • Summary Report: Excel or Word
    • Condensed Data: Excel or Excel (SPSS)
    • Raw Data: Excel
  6. To receive an email when the report download is ready, check the Send me an email with the download link when the export is ready. box.
  7.  Click Export.


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