Recruit participants using an external panel vendor

Use these steps to recruit participants using an external panel vendor.

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About recruiting with an external panel vendor

  • Through the Panel Links, the panel vendor sends participants to the UserZoom study along with a unique panel ID per participant.
  • When each participant finishes the study, UserZoom sends them back to the panel vendor with their corresponding unique panel ID through the Redirect URLs.
  • This allows the panel vendor to recognize each participant that is sent back to them and know their outcome in the study.
  • To recruit participants using an external panel vendor, complete these two steps:
    1. Give the Panel Vendor the Panel Links to your UserZoom study.
    2. Add the Redirect URLs that the Panel Vendor will use to your UserZoom study.



Set up

Important: Complete all of these steps before collecting results from your study. After completing all of the steps below, launch your study so the panel vendor can start sending invites.


First, get the panel links. 

  1. Get Panel Links for your study.
  2. Provide them to your Panel Vendor.


Next, configure the redirect URLs.

Once you have the redirect links from your panel vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Study Builder section of your study.
  2. Select Final Pages & Redirects from the left menu.
  3. Under Final Pages & Redirects, for any segments recruited through the Panel Vendor, select the method Redirect to URL.
  4. Add the URLs provided by your Panel Vendor.
    • To add the unique identifier for each participant to the Redirect URL you can use #cuser#, which will be replaced with the participant ID on the Panel Link for each participant.
    • For example,
    • The name of the variable (UniqueParticipantID in the example above) is decided by the Panel Vendor.
  5. Optional: Send back to the Panel Vendor the segment of the participants. 
    • To do so, follow the same steps as above with the variable value #profile#.
    • For example:
      • For example,
        • The ? symbol means that we are going to start describing the variables.
        • The & symbol is just used to join the different variable descriptions.
  6. Click Save.


Last, launch your study.

Now you are ready to launch your study and start recruiting!



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