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Learn about the methods to recruit your own participants.

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About recruiting your own participants

  • Users who choose not to use IntelliZoom can recruit their own participants.
  • There are three ways to recruit your own participants:
  • Choose one of these manual recruitment methods when configuring a segment.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants you can recruit on your own. 
  • Participants continue to accrue as long as your study is live.



Invitation Link

Plan Availability: All plans

  • Copy Invitation Links to invite your own participants to your study.
  • These links can be used in emails, social media, or other types of digital communication.



Site Intercept

Plan Availability: Corporate, Essentials, Professional, International, and Premium

  • A Site Intercept is a layer displayed on your webpage to invite a visitor to participate in a study.
    • If visitors click Yes, the study automatically starts.
    • If visitors click No, the intercept window closes and they can continue browsing the website.
  • Site Intercept triggers when visitors navigate to a specific page or when they take a specific action.
  • You can configure its placement, intercept rate, etc., and modify Look & Feel to fit your branding.



Feedback Tab

Plan Availability: Corporate, Essentials, Professional, International, and Premium

  • A Feedback Tab displays on your website for visitors to click to access a UserZoom study.
  • This allows the gathering of feedback from real, active visitors.
  • Feedback projects commonly measure satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • You can define the placement of a feedback tab and modify its Look & Feel to fit your branding.



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