Tableau Web Data Connector (Integration)

****As of early 2020, the Tableau Web Data Connector integration is no longer being sold in customer subscriptions. For existing customers who are entitled to this integration, it will be available and supported through the end of the contract.****


Tableau is a leading data visualization software. You can connect directly to Tableau from within UserZoom for advanced reporting capabilities. The integration gives you the flexibility to extract your study data and view it in Tableau, so you can:

  • modify chart colors or formatting
  • combine results from multiple projects into one report
  • include UX data in internal Tableau BI reports

This way UX research data becomes more accessible cross-functionally, creating new opportunity for collaboration with your organization’s business analysts to measure the impact that better UX has on the bottom line.

How does the integration work?

The Tableau Web Data Connector is a simple copy and paste of a URL to extract UserZoom study data into Tableau. You no longer need to export your data from UserZoom into Excel and re-configure it for use in Tableau.

The Web Data Connector URL is unique to each study. If a study is running for a long period of time, you need to set up the WDC connection only once and then simply “refresh” the data from within Tableau as more is collected.

What data gets extracted from UserZoom to Tableau?

For now, the data available in Tableau Web Data Connector is the following:

  • Project data (Tasks and Questions list)
  • Participants info (only completes)
  • Navigation tasks effectiveness data
  • Classic Question* responses
    * i.e. all questions except Tree Testing, Screenshot Click Testing, Screenshot Timeout and Video questions
Not available for Prototyping and IA Testing questions (i.e. Tree Testing, Screenshot Click Testing and Screenshot Timeout questions), as well as for Video questions.

What are the steps to use the Web Data Connector?

  1. Within the desired UserZoom study go to ResultsExports & Options > Tableau Connector.
  2. Open Tableau and select the Web Data Connector from the list of possible connections.
  3. Paste the Web Data Connector URL provided by UserZoom in the Web Data Connector Browser that appears.
  4. Select how you would like to sign into your UserZoom account.
  5. Confirm access to the data to begin the extract.
  6. The data is now available within the Data Source Page in Tableau where you will see a list of three Standard Connections, as well as UserZoom study data split into the below 5 tables:
    • Participant data
    • Question data
    • Question result data
    • Task data
    • Task result data
In Tableau you may run either an incremental or a full refresh. While UserZoom's Web Data Connector and API back-end does support full refresh, it does not support incremental refresh. Selecting incremental refresh will automatically trigger a full refresh.

Do I need a certain version of Tableau?

We developed a Tableau WDC version 2.2.0 which is compatible with Tableau 10.2 or above. If you have an older version, please update to a newer one in order to benefit from UserZoom’s integration with Tableau.

For more information regarding Tableau WDC versions and compatibility with versions of Tableau, please refer to this page.

How do I bypass Firewall issues?

In order for the Tableau WDC to work correctly, your IT Department might need to whitelist the below domains:


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