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Learn about using markdown shortcuts when formatting text in UserTesting tasks.

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About markdowns and formatting shortcuts

  • Formatting is available on website or prototype test tasks only.
  • These shortcuts are not valid when creating screener questions.
  • Markdowns and formatting work for desktop and mobile tests.
  • Markdown may not work for all browsers.
  • Pro Tips:
    • Always preview and pilot your test before fully launching it to contributors.
    • Some special characters interfere with how our recorder handles text files. We suggest avoiding these characters:
      • <
      • >
      • [
      • ]
      • {
      • }




  • Add headers to tasks and questions to help break up longer portions of text.
  • When using header markdowns in mobile studies the text can become very small.
Code Example










  Code Example
Bold **bold text example** bold text example
Italics *italicized text* italicized text
Italics alternate _italicized text_
Bold and Italics ***bold and italicized text*** bold and italicized text



Add a link

Code Example
[Insert Text Here] (insert http://www link here) [UserTesting]( UserTesting



Numbered lists

Code Example
  1. Bird
  2. Cat

If the above code does not work, use this alternative:






Unnumbered lists

Code Example
  • Bird
  • Cat

If the above code does not work, use this alternative:







  Code Example
Copyright &copy; ©
Registered &reg; ®
Trademark &trade;




Code Example
<br> The linebreak is below this text.

The linebreak is above this text.

Alternatively, press Shift+Enter or Shift+Return on your keyboard to insert a linebreak.


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