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Learn the frequently asked questions about contributors.

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Who or what is a contributor?

  • Also referred to as a participant, a contributor is a term given to someone who participates in a UserTesting test of your product or service.
  • Contributors can come from any of the three networks:
    • UserTesting Contributor Network
    • Custom Network
    • Your Invite Network



Who makes up the UserTesting Contributor Network?

The Network comprises contributors across many ages, industries, and incomes, and with varying degrees of technical knowledge and computer expertise.



Where do contributors come from?

We have contributors from more than 40 countries. For more information on becoming a contributor, refer to our Get Paid To Test page.



How do I recruit people from the Contributor Network?

  • There are two primary ways to recruit Network members:
  • These features will help you narrow your audience to recruit contributors who best match your targeted audience.



How do we know that a UserTesting Network contributor is qualified to participate in our tests?

  • When applying to be members of the Network, applicants take a test that is reviewed and scored by our Operations team.
  • The Operations team approves contributors who meet this criteria:
    • A satisfactory level of technical knowledge/computer skills.
    • The ability to follow task instructions.
    • The ability to speak aloud their thoughts.
  • Having been approved by the Operations team, a contributor can begin taking tests.
  • The Operations team reviews the first test a new contributor takes and provides feedback, pointing out areas for improvement.



What can I do to ensure contributors give quality feedback?

  • UserTesting encourages customers to play a proactive part in the quality-control process by rating contributor videos on a 1 to 5 scale.
  • Rating contributors rewards thoughtful, actionable insights.
  • Here is an example:



What if I like the feedback from certain UserTesting Contributor Network members and want to use these individuals for future tests?

  • In that situation, you have a few options when using the Contributor Network to define your test audience:
  • You can also invite contributors from outside the UserTesting Contributor Network:
    • The Custom Network lets you build a group of contributors to use for any/all of your tests.
    • The Invite Network is yours to find, communicate with, and pay contributors.


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