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Use these steps to specify contributors from the UserTesting Contributor Network that you want to test with again.


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About specific contributors

  • The specific contributors feature allows you to recruit anyone on the UserTesting Contributor Network for a test.
  • Input the usernames of specific contributors when building your audience. 
  • Use specific contributors when you...
    • Need to follow up with a contributor for additional feedback.
    • Run a longitudinal or diary study and need to send multiple tests to the same contributors.
    • Want the same contributor to provide feedback on an updated version of a prototype or design. 



How to specify contributors

To specify contributors for a test, follow the steps below, or watch this quick video:

  1. On the UserTesting Dashboard, click Create test, then Create a test.
  2. Choose what you're testing.
  3. Select Build audience.
  4. Click Select audience to open the Audience builder.
  5. Under Contributor network options, select Specific contributors.
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 4.28.17 PM.png
  6. Add the usernames of the contributors you want.
    💡Tip: Find contributor usernames on the Sessions tab of a previous test. 
  7. Fill out the optional Other requirements field.
    💡Tip: Use this space to explain study details, why you are reaching out to the contributor again, or any requirements the contributor should complete before taking the test.
  8. Click Done.



Best practices

  • Combine specific contributors with new contributors you recruit from the UserTesting Contributor Network if you want a mix of people who are seeing the design for the first time and people who have seen your design before.
  • To ensure your test fills quickly, add a few contributors from the UserTesting Contributor Network in case your specific contributors aren't available.
  • If you have a group of specific contributors you want to test with regularly, consider creating a Favorite contributors network.



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